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Is Kyle Rittenhouse Guilty? w/ Olayemi Olurin

Bad Faith

November 18th 2021

Subscribe on Patreon for $5 for an extra episode each week: This week, public defender & commentator for the Law Crime Network Olayemi Olurin returns to Bad Faith to discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and how the media's selective marshaling of facts has led to a divide not just between the political right and the left, but among left commentators. Olurin walks us through the facts of the case, the charges, and the evidentiary burden the prosecutor must meet, before delving into accusations of judicial bias and prosecutorial malfeasance. Finally, Briahna Joy Gray and Olay spend the last 30 minutes of the podcast trying to parse the extent to which their politics are informing their opinion on whether Rittenhouse behaved reasonably. Would they stand by the standard being applied if an armed BLM supporter had been chased by right-wing protestors? If presented with this fact pattern on a law school exam, absent politics, would Brie choose to argue self defense, or manslaughter? Does Matt Orfalea's video change things? And, in the course of defending Rittenhouse, did Adam Corolla unwittingly prove that Rittenhouse did not, in fact, act in self defense?

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