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Haitian President Moïse Assassinated: What Does It Mean?

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July 9th 2021

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated, and questions are swirling: Who did it? And why? But as Western governments and bodies use this as an excuse to encroach on Haiti even more, the most important question we should be asking is: How do we get the capitalist elites off our backs and win our liberation? Haitian-born Jemima Pierre is the Black Alliance for Peace Haiti/Americas Coordinator & Associate Professor of African American Studies and Anthropology at UCLA, and Chris Bernadel is a member of the BAP Haiti Committee. They explain what happened and the broader political dynamics at play. » Become a patron: -------------------------------- » Like us on Facebook: » Tweet us on Twitter: » Follow us on Instagram: At Breakthrough News we believe in the power of independent media. Five mega-corporations dominate the media landscape — controlling 90% of what we read, watch and listen to. They control the news cycle, to which social media and even most “alternative” media is forced to respond. We are breaking through that cycle. We tell the untold stories of resistance from poor and working-class communities — because out of these stories we will construct a different narrative of the world, as it is and in real time. People’s movements in every corner of the globe are changing history and shifting consciousness. But these movements barely receive any coverage from the corporate media. They need visibility. They need amplification. They need a media arm to break through. We can be that media arm, but only with your help. Become a Patron and join us on the front lines in the battle of ideas. Subscribe and follow us! @BTNewsroom #FreeHaiti #haiti #BreakThroughNews #BTnews #socialistnews #socialist #raniakhalek #eugenepuryear

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