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Kyle Kulinksi On Enemies Vs. 'Bad Allies'

The Katie Halper Show

January 13th 2021

Host of YouTube’s Secular Talk and podcast host Kyle Kulinski talks to Katie and Jack about his hopes that a block of congresspeople will push Biden the minute he’s in office by refusing to move anything forward until he signs some executive orders that are of varying degrees of importance to progressives. They discuss the likelihood of this actually happening, and the likelihood of what happens to our elected officials’ brain circuitry when they’ve been working in DC for even just a few months. Kyle talks about cofounding the Justice Democrats with the mission of a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party. The unfortunate reality, thus far, is that the aforementioned "DC-brain" seems to really creep in on everyone. But we'll keep hope alive. Kyle points out that although we might not be well-aligned with any of our representatives, it’s important to differentiate between those we know will vote against our most important interests and those who will vote for our most important issues when it comes down to it. You can find Kyle on his YouTube channel, Secular Talk ( or on his new podcast with Krystal Ball, Krystal Kyle & Friends ( ***Please support The Katie Halper Show on Patreon*** Follow Katie on Twitter:

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