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Coup d'Etat Kim Iversen Live Show 1-12-21

Kim Iversen

January 13th 2021

In case of deplatforming or censorship please sign up for my email list here: Table Of Content: 00:05:04 Its Been 2 Year Anniversary! 00:08:45 Censorship Segment 00:31:56 Nancy Pelosi Segment 00:55:58 Second Patriot Act Segment 01:24:06 Reading Chats I will never spam you or sell your info. Please consider supporting the show through PayPal or Patreon. Your support is very appreciated! You can watch the show commercial-free by becoming a member of my Rokfin channel. Once you become a member you also get access to every other creator as well. Follow Kim on Instagram: @KimIversen Find Kim on Facebook: @KimIversenOfficial The audio version of this show is available on: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher: Spotify:

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