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Ep 22: CAPITALISM IS LITERALLY KILLING US; Chris Rabb, Melahat Rafiei, Rebecca Parson, Eva Putzova

Nomiki Konst

June 27th 2020

In this episode, Nomiki homes in on the ways in which politicians on both sides of the aisle are ignoring the nature of the Covid-19 crisis in favor of economic interests. As more states hold primaries, it’s become clear that while progressive candidates can beat incumbents, early financial support and endorsements are absolutely crucial. Rep. Chris Rabb ( of Philadelphia (PA-200) joins the show and tells Nomiki about the various justice-oriented efforts he’s involved with, including a bill proposing a statewide database of law enforcement officers to track their conduct. Rep. Rabb also discusses reparations legislation and why he thinks some people are so attached to problematic and offensive statues across the U.S. Elected California DNC member Melahat Rafiei ( joins Noiki to discuss the DNC’s decision to hold a virtual convention this year, changes to the way in which the Democratic Party Platform will be decided, and activism and diversity within the DNC. Rebecca Parson ( (, a democratic socialist congressional candidate running in WA-06’s primary, joins Nomiki to discuss the issues that led her to decide her district needs better representation: climate change and the Green New Deal, high unemployment and low wages, the housing crisis, the opioid crisis, and a long history of labor organizing. Rebecca also talks about the need for an attitudinal shift from the Democratic Party if they want to broadly appeal to working class people. Eva Putzova ( ( is running for a congressional seat in AZ-01. She joins the show again to discuss Arizona’s status as a Covid-19 hotspot following the governor’s premature decision to reopen the state. Independent media relies on your support. Can you help us build our show and home studio and pay our producer by investing on Patreon as a Patron? *New Show Format!! Join us the following days: Mondays 3pm ET: Weekly *main show* premieres Tuesdays 8pm ET: Nomi's Livestream Analysis Thursdays 8pm ET: Nomi's Livestream Superchat (Join!) Follow Nomiki on twitter: The Nomiki Show on twitter: Music Credits: Ohayo by Smith The Mister Smith The Mister Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library Mi-Lo by Smith The Mister Smith The Mister Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library

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