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New York's mayoral race is depressing...

Bad Faith

June 3rd 2021

Listen to the full episode for free: Three weeks out from election day, the presumptive left candidate, Dianne Morales, has been derailed by allegations that she was mistreating Black and Brown staffers, underpaying them, and denying them healthcare coverage. The left candidate with the best shot of winning, Scott Stringer, went down under the weight of a sexual assault allegation weeks ago. Now, the left is scrambling for a replacement -- someone who can defeat the cop, the Obama guy, the Black entrepreneur, and the Asian entrepreneur. Should the left go all in with the charter school loving Latina sanitation pro claiming tons of expertise but no progressive bonafides? Or should it opt for the Warrenesque civil rights attorney cum MSNBC pundit with the impressive resume whose favorite credential is "mom"? Is it too late to rehabilitate Stringer now that the #metoo allegation has been vetted with little there there? Is Yang really that bad? We review debate footage & the Morales allegations in detail and let you know where we land. Subscribe to Bad Faith with Briahna Joy Gray and Virgil Texas on Patreon to unlock our full back catalog of premium episodes:

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