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The Epidemic of Prosecutorial Abuse -- Interview with Raj Rajaratnam

Glenn Greenwald

December 30th 2021

Original Rumble video: Rajaratnam's important new book, "Uneven Justice," spends some time on his own case, but mostly as a window to understand the virtually limitless power of federal prosecutors. abuse resided on the libertarian right and left. Now the pro-Trump right has seen how pervasive and dangerous such abuses are: Preet Bharara, James Comey, Russiagate fraud, the lies told by the FBI to spy on Carter Page. So much of my reporting over the last decade has been about prosecutorial abuse: the 2011 book I wrote (With Liberty and Justice for Some) and our 2020 year-long Brazil exposés (which revealed corruption by judges and prosecutors). No humans can be trusted with unchecked power. Rajaratnam may not be the most sympathetic messenger. But sometimes it takes personal experience with injustices to viscerally understand how they work. Federal prosecutors are out of control and he has a lot to say about the dangers and how to reform it.

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