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What Comes Next in the Fight for Trans Justice, With Gabriel Arkles of the ACLU

The Intercept

June 23rd 2020

Last week, the Supreme Court delivered a surprising and decisive victory for the LGBTQ community, ruling that employers cannot fire people based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Though the landmark decision is a major step forward in the march for equality, the fight for LGBTQ civil rights is far from over. In fact, this was only the first ever transgender rights case heard by the Supreme Court. There are still significant gaps in federal discrimination protection, and it remains an especially dangerous time for trans women of color. To better understand this historic and volatile moment, The Intercept’s Travis Mannon is joined by Gabriel Arkles, a senior staff attorney at the ACLU who worked on the transgender rights case, to unpack the implications of the pivotal Supreme Court decision, the ongoing threats to the trans community, and what the road ahead looks like in the fight for trans justice.

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