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Biden Delivered On Just 8% Of His Promises | The Kyle Kulinski Show

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November 23rd 2021

Support The Show On Patreon!: Subscribe to Krystal Kyle & Friends On Substack!: most Americans support Biden’s infrastructure and reconciliation legislation. By leaning into big, non-military spending programs, Biden can probably claw back some public support. The problem is that one of Biden’s two main staple spending bills hasn’t passed yet and may not pass at all. If it does, it’ll only be half its original value, at most. The bill that did pass was 1) leverage to pass the other, larger bill and now that leverage is gone, 2) itself gutted by over three-quarters. Correlation: Biden cutting his agenda and approval rating Biden campaigned on around $7 trillion worth of climate, infrastructure, and social programs to be spent over the next decade. When Biden had a 52% approval rating, there was still hope Biden would deliver on that. When Biden polled at 41%, it became clear that Biden might only be able to get 8% of that funding through Congress. Follow Kyle on Twitter: #KyleKulinski #SecularTalk

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