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Exclusive: Biden Bombshell Book Author Ben Schreckinger

Useful Idiots

October 15th 2021

See the full interview at “By the time Biden won the presidency, I was struggling to square what I was learning about the family's business dealings with the folksy image I had of him and his family. I just wanted to tell the story in full.” Author Ben Schreckinger dug up the history of a family dynasty and put it into his book The Bidens, which explores the Biden family, Joe’s childhood, weird Delaware loyalty politics, the shady business dealings of Joe’s brother Jim, his son Hunter and, of course, the 2020 laptop story. But what makes this book truly interesting? This tell-all book is inconvenient to both sides of the aisle because it’s just as critical of Trump, the Republicans, and even some Fox members (looking at you, Tucker). Schreckinger is an equal-opportunity offender, and that’s part of what makes The Bidens such a great book. As Matt Taibbi puts it: “This is reporting. This is what it looks like. I kinda forgot what it felt like. It’s a great book. And incriminating.” Watch for yourself. Can you get a handle on what’s actually going on in the family? Plus, drunk Kamala in space, Laura Ingraham’s kryptonite, and we take the Washington Post conspiracy quiz. It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

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