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Palmdale's Strong Racism & MSM Bias According to Activist On Robert Fuller & His Brother's Death

The Convo Couch

June 24th 2020

A group of Antelope Valley protestors held a press conference to give their criticism of how little support they have in Palmdale, a city in Los Angeles County but with less population and power. As if that was not enough, the mainstream media has spun the narrative of violent protestors. Here a protestor and activist gives us his take on on Robert Fuller, his brother, police brutality, and the racial tensions in Palmdale. Keep Up With THE CONVO COUCH ???? ???? Youtube: ????Patreon: ????Rokfin: ????Twitter: ???????Facebook: ????Instagram: ????Craig "Pasta" Jardula Twitter: Facebook: ????Fiorella Isabel: Twitter: Facebook:

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