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There's No Reason To Stay In The Democratic Party, The DNC is A Corporation.

The Convo Couch

July 29th 2020

The DNC voted against supporting #Medicare4All 36 Yes-125 No. The DNC also voted against the legalization of marijuana, and against being able to call Israel an occupation. What did we expect? They’re owned by big pharma & insurance lobbyists. We just approved a $740 Billion dollar defense budget. Plus many already told them they’ll vote Biden no matter what, why would they give us anything? It's time to leave the Democratic Party and show them they can't take your vote for granted. Our power right now is organizing outside the electorate. Thanks to the support of our amazing fams, we were able to upgrade our equipment to produce clean interviews as well as having the means to travel and bring you ON THE GROUND footage that mainstream media WILL NOT SHOW YOU... To support us further: Patreon: or Sign up on Rokfin and get access to all the creators Premium Content (Creators include: Niko House, Ron Placone, Graham Elwood, Jimmy Dore, Kim Iversen, Tina-Desiree Berg, Jackson Facts, The American Vagabond, Papi Chulomin Richard Medhurst & more!) --------------------------------------------------------------- Keep Up With THE CONVO COUCH ???? ???? Youtube: ????Patreon: ????Rokfin: ????Twitch: ????Twitter: ???????Facebook: ????Instagram: ????Craig "Pasta" Jardula Twitter: Facebook: ????Fiorella Isabel: Twitter: Facebook: ????Jonny Tsunami: Twitter: Jonny started a new channel! But will still be producing The Convo Couch :) Subscribe to True Rebel Network: Support True Rebel Network:

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