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Katie Halper Takes Down NYT Journalist Jonathan Weisman

Useful Idiots

July 13th 2021

Watch Katie go from inviting a NYT journalist onto the show to realizing he f*cking sucks in a matter of seconds. We think it's a world record. Jonathan Weisman is a demoted Times journalist with a history of bad tweets, and he's back now to help the corporate dems attempt to take down progressive candidate Nina Turner. Weisman's ideology? You're racist to challenge any Black person in office...even if you're also Black. Makes sense, right? By that logic, he better love Clarence Thomas and tweet out his anger at anyone who slanders him. Think this guy sucks? Just wait until you hear Katie's take. It's explosive and just fun to watch. Subscribe for more clips and full episodes. To see the full interview, go to For clips, games, forums, and more, follow us on twitter @usefulidiotpod

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