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Disguisting!! Rich Liberals Want Bernie Sanders To Con Poor People Into Sending Biden Cash

The Progressive Soap Box

June 22nd 2020

Support the stream: Liberals Are Wrong. It's NOT Bernie Sanders Hurting "Party Unity", It's Them & Biden New show "No Allegiances" will air 12-2pm EST to take the place of the now empty time slot from my previous host position on 'Political Misfits'. Ways to help if you don't want to protest: - call government officials - fact check social media posts - contribute to and share bail funds - donate supplies to street medics (many supplies were lost last night when protesters were chased away) #BlackLivesMattters #StarTrekUnitedGives #theprogressivesoapbox Patreon: PayPal: Facebook: Twitter: T-shirts & Merchandise: For business opportunities, please email`

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