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Go F*ck Yourself: Adolph Reed to White People Saying He Doesn't Understand Racism

Useful Idiots

July 14th 2021

Professor Emeritus Adolph Reed has a special stamp for woke white liberals who tell him he doesn't understand the depths and intensity of racism. And not because they're breaking his moral code, but their own. Isn't there something in one of Robin DiAngelo's "books" that says white people can't say anything about racism? For Professor Reed, it feels like he's the only BIPOC who whites feel they can tell him he's wrong. We discuss the BIPOC-infantilizing moral reparations DiAngelo preaches that say we should treat white people collectively and people of color as individuals. And Adolph Reed doesn't want to hear any more of it. Subscribe for more clips and full episodes. To see the full interview, go to For clips, games, forums, and more, follow us on twitter @usefulidiotpod

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