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Chud Circus | Episode 272 (January 8, 2020)

The Humanist Report

January 10th 2021

In our first episode of 2021 we discuss the madness that took place when a pro-Trump mob swarmed the U.S. Capitol. We’ll also talk about leftist infighting and the #ForveTheVote drama, Julian Assange, Jacob Blake, far right Covidiots and more! U.S. Loses Extradition Case Against Julian Assange: Trump Wants Georgia Official to “Find” Votes for Him: Most Outrageous Moments From Trump’s Call: No Charges For the Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake in the Back: Local Police Say Protesters at Hawley’s House Were Peaceful: VIDEO: Full Protest Outside of Hawley’s House: 0:00 Introduction, Shoutouts, Episode Preview 3:31 Trump Incited the Insurrection 12:13 The Police’s Double Standard 25:29 Democrats Retake the U.S. Senate—Now What? 36:30 The Squad Pushes to Expel GOP Traitors 48:11 Guess Who Matt Gaetz Blames for Pro-Trump Mob… 54:37 Trump Commits to “Orderly” Transition 59:55 Trump Supporters Are Totally Delusional 1:22:51 Josh Hawley Gets Caught Lying 1:33:06 Charlie Kirk & Dave Rubin are Covidiots 1:45:23 Jacob Blake Gets No Justice 1:51:40 Trump Pressures Official to Commit Fraud 2:03:17 Julian Assange Won’t Be Extradited to the U.S. 2:09:59 Let’s Talk About the #ForceTheVote Drama 2:34:31 Outro Get early access to videos by supporting us on Patreon, YouTube or PayPal! Sign up here: or here: or here: ************************ Visit Our Website: Follow Us on Twitter: Like Us on Facebook: Follow Mike on Instagram: Audio Available on iTunes: ************************ The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity. #HumanistReport #THR #MikeFigueredo

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