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Assange wins 2021 Sacco & Vanzetti Award for Social Justice - Live from Boston

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June 8th 2021

We at The Community Church of Boston are proud, honored and humbled to announce the recipient of our 2021 Sacco-Vanzetti Memorial Award for Social Justice: JULIAN ASSANGE.    You know about the trials and tribulations of Julian Assange. Persecuted and imprisoned for being a journalist and a publisher who exposed horrific US war crimes and inconvenient truths about politicians and powerful moneyed people, he is languishing in a British jail, awaiting a decision on his extradition. For that “crime", which we would call good investigative journalism, the US would prosecute Julian under the “Espionage Act”, even though he is not even a US citizen. The tentacles of this government are long and deadly.    Julian Assange cannot join us…he is behind bars. But his father and brother, John and Gabriel Shipton, on a USA tour for Julian’s freedom, will join us for the ceremony and celebration. We will also be joined remotely by retired CIA analyst and Assange friend, Ray McGovern, and Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein. We think of Sacco and Vanzetti as our church’s martyr patron saints. If that’s too churchy a designation, just call them our heroes. They figure greatly in the history of our church, and are emblazoned in a bas-relief on our wall. Our founding mother, Mrs. Gertrude Winslow, championed their worldwide cause from 1920, the year they were charged and when CCB was born, all the way to 1927, the year they were executed.  She went to the prison to give her friend Vanzetti weekly English lessons. She was in Italy, visiting Vanzetti’s family, when the news of the execution came across the wires. From 1987 until today, we have had this honor, of bestowing an award on a new hero in our pantheon. You can see the list on our website. It’s an impressive honor-roll of courageous fighters for social justice, some of whom have paid a high price. Some are in prison (Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal), one has recently been released (Arnie King). Some suffered grievous injury (Brian S. Willson). Some paid the ultimate price for doing the right thing (Rachel Corrie, The Greensboro 4), and some are in the struggle on the ground in the streets NOW! (Medea Benjamin, Kathy Kelly).  Join us virtually this Wed. June 9 at 3 PM ET, at our Zoom link, or live on our Youtube Channel. And (drum roll!) you can FINALLY join us physically at 565 Boylston St., and enjoy our newly air-conditioned auditorium. If you feel safe, and hopefully are vaccinated, and bring your mask, please join us! It would be a pleasure to have our space newly peopled to welcome Gabriel and John Shipton to receive the award for JULIAN ASSANGE! We will also have a panel discussion with the Shiptons, led by Amar Ahmad of Mass Peace Action. We are very excited to have you join us! Meanwhile, we urge you to contact your elected officials, and tell them to DROP THE CHARGES AGAINST JULIAN ASSANGE!    Here is more about how you can become more involved:   #FreeAssange   #FreeAssangeTelethon   Journalism is Not a Crime, For CCB’s Board of Directors, Dean Stevens

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