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Cancel [The Supreme] Court

Bad Faith

July 12th 2021

Subscribe at Patreon for $5 a month to listen to the full episode now: Last summer, the country was engaged in a robust conversation about how Democrats could reform the court to compensate for the last 40 years of conservative judicial dominance which culminated in the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. But Biden punted on the question of court reform, vowing to host a commission on the subject instead. Well, the commission happened last week, and while it was mostly theatre, the question of court reform remains an important one. This week, we brought two ideologically diverse law professors who testified on the Biden commission together to discuss their preferred approaches to court reform, along with friend of the show Eric Segall, Ashe Family Chair Professor of Law at Georgia State; Niko Bowie, Assistant Professor at Harvard Law; and Ilan Wurman, associate professor at Arizona state join us for a spirited debate about how to improve the court, whether we should even have a constitution, and the Hungarian judicial system. It's a good one.

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