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Counting the Biden Lies (Big and Small) with Journalist Ryan Grim

The Katie Halper Show

March 25th 2021

Journalist Ryan Grim joins Katie Halper and co-host Jack Allison to discuss the Tara Reade case close to one year since she came forward with claims of sexual harassment and assault allegations against then-senator Joe Biden. Recently, Ryan published an article documenting some of the repercussions of her coming forward, and the work of her attorney approaching media outlets demanding that they correct published claims that she fabricated her college record. Ryan goes on in the article to discuss how the media has purposely misrepresented the facts of both the case and Ms. Reade’s background in order to discredit her and protect Biden’s 2020 candidacy. In this clip, Katie, Jack, and Ryan discuss the irony of the attacks on Tara Reade’s credibility when the media should be focused on the many lies, exaggerations, and troubling record of Joe Biden’s public service. Ryan, a reporter with The Intercept, was one of the main reporters to push Ms. Reade’s allegations into the mainstream. He has since faced backlash from establishment democrats and liberal think tanks. President Biden has categorically denied Ms. Reade’s claims. ***Please support The Katie Halper Show *** On Patreon Follow Katie on Twitter:

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