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Miners Strike in Alabama. Where's the Media?

Bad Faith

July 26th 2021

Subscribe at Patreon for $5 a month to listen to the full episode now: Over 1000 coal miners in Alabama have been on strike since April 1st over cuts in pay, loss in paid holidays and time off, and spiking health insurance costs. But nearly 4 months into the strike, the mainstream media channels have stayed silent. This week, Briahna Joy Gray spoke to Kim Kelly, an independent journalist who has been covering the strike on the ground, and Phil Smith, Director of Communications and Governmental Affairs United Mine Workers of America. The pair offered context for the strike, including violent acts of intimidation by the company, and went on to offer a nuanced assessment of whether the miners could see a left populist movement as a political solution to the labor conflict at hand. UMWA Strike Fund:

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