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July 6th 2020

“By far the best book written about WikiLeaks”, according to Joel Deane in the Australian Book Review, Andrew Fowler’s ‘The Most Dangerous Man in the World’ has had three chapters added for its 2020 updated edition, including his probe into the trafficking of UC Global data. LIVE-TO-AIR and in partnership with Melbourne University Publishing, CNLive! brings you the launch of Andrew Fowler's new book, where he will be in conversation with veteran Australian news anchor, Mary Kostakidis. Andrew then joins us for an exclusive interview with CNLive! hosts Joe Lauria and Elizabeth Vos. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Most Dangerous Man in the World: Updated Edition Andrew Fowler Julian Assange and WikiLeaks’ Fight for Freedom With forensic detail, Andrew Fowler provides a ringside seat at the epic battle that has made Julian Assange the USA's public enemy number one. Since it was first published, The Most Dangerous Man in the World has been translated and distributed in countries from China to Romania and the USA to Russia. Now, through recent interviews and the latest research, Fowler tells the extraordinary story of how a computer hacker with a turbulent childhood became holed up in London's Ecuador Embassy for seven years, and is now battling extradition to the USA from the notorious maximum security Belmarsh prison in London. With a new introduction and two new chapters, the updated edition picks up from Assange’s plea for political asylum at the Ecuador Embassy in 2012 and follows through to the present day, ultimately revealing the extent to which the US and its allies will go to silence dissent. Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg was called 'The Most Dangerous Man in America' by the Nixon White House. In the Trump era, Ellsberg says Julian Assange, whose new journalism has made him powerful enemies, should be proud to be 'The Most Dangerous Man in the World.' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Executive Producer: Cathy Vogan Multistreaming with

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