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US hybrid warfare in Latin America, the new phase of imperialism: Behind Nicaragua coup attempt

The Gray Zone

September 9th 2021

Ben Norton was invited to give this talk on US hybrid warfare in Latin America. He analyzes how imperialism has evolved in the 21st century, and looked at Washington's interventionist campaigns across the region, from Bolivia to Venezuela. Then Ben discusses the case of the 2018 coup attempt in Nicaragua. TOPICS 0:03 US imperialism and hybrid warfare 30:18 2018 coup attempt in Nicaragua 36:23 Violent coup barricades: 'guarimbas' and 'tranques' 39:24 US funding for right-wing media propaganda 50:45 Poll show Sandinistas have majority support 55:07 US-funded fake "left" opposition party MRS 1:00:46 Q&A 1:01:04 Nicaragua's November 2021 elections 1:14:50 Argentina, Mexico, and divisions in Latin American left ||| The Grayzone ||| Find more reporting at Support our original journalism at Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Minds: Mastodon: #TheGrayzone

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