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Activists Organize Chicago Hunger Strike in Response to Environmental Racism

Status Coup

February 11th 2021

Status Coup's Jordan Chariton interviews activists who are fighting against environmentally racist policies in Chicago. As they describe on their GoFundMe page: "The hunger strikers are denouncing environmentally racist policies that continue to allow polluting industry to accumulate in Chicago's communities of color. The city has lacked transparency, participation and fairness in its permitting process for the proposed relocation of General Iron. The hunger strikers say they are willing to risk their well-being during a global pandemic to put an end to racist zoning policies that have continued for decades. The proposed site for the massive industrial metal shredder would be next to residential areas, schools, parks, and the Calumet River. Existing pollution threats continue to burden the Southeast Side and residents have continued to express serious concerns about the rushed permitting process that has shut out community feedback." More information: SUPPORT Status Coup's INDEPENDENT IN-THE-FIELD reporting for as $5 bucks a month: SUBSCRIBE to this channel for progressive news and investigative reporting (and click the bell for all notifications)! SUPPORT our investigative reporting GoFundMe if you can: HELP US DEFEAT THE SUPPRESSION OF INDEPENDENT MEDIA! Joining our email and text list will ENSURE you know when we're live: 1)JOIN Status Coup's Email List: 2)JOIN Status Coup's text alert list by texting 370370 and enter Coup SOCIAL MEDIA 1)FOLLOW Status Coup on Twitter: 2)FOLLOW Status Coup on Instagram: 3)LIKE Status Coup on Facebook: 4)FOLLOW Status Coup on Twitch: Check out the Status Coup merchandise store! Please RATE Status Coup’s Podcast 5 Stars and leave a review!

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