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As Trump threatens Chicago, local police welcome paramilitary forces

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July 24th 2020

President Trump's deployment of federal agents in Portland has caused a wave of outrage after officers there have attacked antiracist protesters and snatched some people off the street into unmarked vans. Trump has now promised a “surge” of federal agents into other major U.S. cities, including in Chicago, where the local police union has openly advocated for a federal intervention against ongoing demonstrations. "The police in Chicago have a long history of cooperating with the federal government to violate the rights of people in the Chicago community," says Northwestern law professor Sheila Bedi. "The Chicago Police Department has systematically attempted to chill the First Amendment rights of protesters." #DemocracyNow Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs on nearly 1,400 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream 8-9AM ET: Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today: FOLLOW DEMOCRACY NOW! ONLINE: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: iTunes:!-audio/id73802554 Daily Email Digest:

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