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Haiti Under Siege: What Does the Future Hold? PLUS: Whistleblower Dan Ellsberg & Racism v. Sha'Carri

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July 8th 2021

Amid months of huge and intense uprising in Haiti, Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated yesterday in his home. What happened and where does this leave Haiti? Haitian-born Jemima Pierre, the Black Alliance for Peace Haiti/Americas Coordinator and Associate Professor of African American Studies and Anthropology at UCLA, and Member of the Haiti Committee of the Black Alliance for Peace Chris Bernadel discuss what the assassination means for Haitians and the political movements in the country. Sha'Carri Richardson, the fastest woman in the country, has now been banned from the race she qualified for in the Olympics and kept out of the 4x100 women's relay. Professor and author Jared Ball joins The Freedom Side to explain. Right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's administration has had one of the worst responses globally to the COVID-19 pandemic -- and the Brazilian people are fighting back. Lawyer and militant of Levante Popular da Juventude Ana Júlia Guedes goes over the rising tide of resistance in Brazil. PLUS: Renowned whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg on the importance of the Pentagon Papers

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