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Anti-Semitic Hat Shop Selling 'Not Vaccinated' Nazi-Style Yellow Stars in Nashville

Status Coup

May 29th 2021

hatWRKS Nashville is selling yellow stars saying "not vaccinated," resembling what Jewish people were forced to wear by Nazis in the Holocaust. This is not at all surprising given what Status Coup has seen on-the-road from Trump supporters. The proprietor of hatWRKS Nashville also participated in the January 6th Capital Insurrection, according to her own social media. | SUPPORT Status Coup and help us purchase more in-field reporting equipment at any amount via – we are small and independent and fighting MASSIVE suppression from YouTube. SUPPORT Status Coup's IN-THE-FIELD INDEPENDENT reporting for as low as $5 bucks a month: SUPPORT our investigative reporting GoFundMe if you can: SIGN UP for our email list for breaking news alerts and alerts when we're LIVE: TEXT COUP to 370370 to join our text list and get alerted as soon as we're live.

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