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Minnesota's Governor Admits To Working W/ Intelligence Community To Stamp Out Protestors.

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June 26th 2020

The governor of Minnesota admitted that he and the state government are working with the United States intelligence community in order to track, trace, and surveil protestors. As surprising as this might seem to many, it may come as even more of a surprise that this is not the first time a state government has worked with overreaching surveillance agencies. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support the show here: Tired of putting your privacy at risk by using Google Chrome or other predatory browsers? Download the open source crypto based browser "Brave" which gives you all the power plugins of Google with no no invasion of privacy or data theft! : Send SuperChats Anytime: My Bitcoin Wallet Address: 1JfRRkTNtMZWpZpR91TV5kk4QNsFp8u1HQ My Ethereum Wallet Address: 0x8995c35C7E904B46AeA968E5E08e8f35aD944A3f Donate Through Pay Pal: Or Cash App (Preferred one-time donation method)$NikoDHouse Subscribe To Niko On Rokfin: Follow on Twitter: Like on Facebook:

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