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How U.S. Media Whitewashes TPLF Atrocities to Push Regime Change In Ethiopia, w/ Jemal Countess

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November 22nd 2021

Why is the coverage of the war in Ethiopia so one-sided? What’s really happening on the ground? And how does it compare to the narrative being presented in U.S. media? Rania Khalek is joined by Jemal Countess, a photojournalist with Getty Images and Redux Pictures who was formerly based in Ethiopia and has reported from around the country since the war started. He is currently based in the United States. Follow Jemal on Twitter: On Instagram: Listen to every episode of Rania Khalek Dispatches anywhere you get podcasts. Apple: Spotify: TIME CODES: 0:00 Intro 1:48 What is the war in Ethiopia really about? 3:33 Magnitude of TPLF violence that started the war 8:24 How the TPLF shapes the media narrative 14:26 TPLF atrocities in Amhara & Afar 20:50 TPLF sleeper cells 25:29 TPLF using child soldiers 28:55 Parachute journalism, ignorance and language barriers 34:52 TPLF working out of refugee camps in Sudan 39:41 Psychological warfare 45:39 What’s behind UN bias? 50:04 The TPLF is blocking aid 53:17 General sentiment of Ethiopians on the ground 56:39 The Oromo Liberation Front 1:00:18 Why is the US being so one-sided? 1:03:52 What do Americans need to understand about this conflict?

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