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Fed Chair Admits Corporations are RIPPING YOU OFF, Kroger Workers Homeless, VP Liz Cheney?

Status Coup

January 12th 2022

Jordan is joined by guests Pat Cody aka "Pat the Berner" and Leila Charles Leigh, co-hosts of Punch Up Pod. Follow them on Twitter @PatTheBerner and @leilacleigh and their podcast @Punch Up Pod: SUPPORT Status Coup's ON-THE-GROUND and investigative reporting on the stories the corporate media COVERS UP: Status Coup discusses Elizabeth Warren grilling the fed chair for juicy sound bites, the Kroger workers strike of 2022, and Liz Cheney announcing that they plan on running for VP with President Joe Biden. Shop our collection of clothes that are both high quality, and from sustainable sources: Get shirts based on different quotes from Jordan Chariton such as 'The United Corporations of America' Now! Get yours at Join this channel to get access to perks: Other ways to support Status Coup $StatusCoup on CashApp SIGN UP for our email list for breaking news alerts and alerts when we're LIVE: SIGN UP for our text alerts to get a message as soon as we're LIVE

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