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Biden's Climate Bill is a Sad Joke. Now What? w/ David Wallace-Wells

Bad Faith

November 11th 2021

Subscribe on Patreon for $5 for an extra episode each week: This week, Briahna Joy Gray talks climate with David Wallace-Wells, New York Magazine Editor at Large and author of The Uninhabitable Earth -- one of the most sobering climate reads out there. Wallace-Wells helps Brie unpack what exactly is in the infrastructure bills with respect to climate, and asks whether AOC's claim that "America's back" at the COP 26 climate conference is a wee bit premature. Brie & Wallace-Wells also discuss what is and isn't being achieved at the Glasgow climate conference, whether climate goals are reachable in the absence of any global accountability mechanism, and the case climate reparations. What does the global north owe the global south, and is there any way the global north will pay absent pitchforks and revolution?

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