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Has "White Supremacy" Jumped the Shark? w/ Zaid Jilani & Irami Osei-Frimpong

Bad Faith

November 22nd 2021

Subscribe to listen to the full conversation: This week, Briahna Joy Gray digs deeper into some broader themes that emerged from the Kyle Rittenhouse discourse. How productive is the "white supremacist" descriptor attached to not just Kyle, but to any number of actors associated with conservative politics? Even if it's accurate, does a maximalist view of white supremacy undermine the potency or rhetorical relevance of the term? Is it unnecessarily divisive? Or is the negative reaction to the term evidence that we're not talking about white supremacy enough? Briahna is joined by Zaid Jilani, journalist and author at Inquire More substack, who recently wrote an article which, among other things, questioned the the wisdom of squad members describing Rittenhouse as "white supremacist." Irami Osei-Frimpong provides a counterpoint: arguing that the path to racial equality requires an unflinching commitment to racial reeducation where whites aren't "coddled", and what he describes as white cultural deficits are interrogated.

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