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Jason Johnson Drops One Of 2021's Hottest Takes So Far

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February 11th 2021

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson dropped one of the hottest takes Twitter has seen so far in 2021. === Support the show at Donate Directly at Tip at ‘Join’ on YouTube: Follow David Doel at Follow The Rational National at Follow on Twitch at Follow on Facebook: === Sources: (my Jason Johnson videos) (Public Citizen on M4A) (Daily Beast report 1) (Daily Beast report 2) (Jason Johnson tweet) (Cam Kasky tweet) (The Conversation on left vs. liberal) (Beth tweet) (Steve Cox tweet) (Hasanabi tweet) (Edward Ongweso Jr. tweet) (Evan Gravelle tweet) (Ayano tweet) (IPM tweet) (Henry Hakamaki)

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