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'Guardian' Fires Columnist Over Israel Tweets

The Katie Halper Show

February 11th 2021

The Guardian fired its own columnist Nathan Robinson ( over his totally inoffensive tweets about what the governments of both countries describe as the "special relationship" between Israel and The United States. Nathan (, Editor of @CurAffairs ( talks about his experience and if he feels the same way about "cancel culture" as he did before. He will then be judged by Katie and her council of two Bens, Ben Burgis ( & Ben Spielberg ( Thursday-night co-host Leslie Lee ( renders his own verdict as well. Ben Spielberg will also talk about Neera Tanden and Jared Bernstein, his colleague, as well as other wonky things. And Ben Burgis will talk about some nerdy theory things. ***Please support The Katie Halper Show *** On Patreon Follow Katie on Twitter:

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