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OnlyFans Moving Away From Adult Content Presents An Opportunity For the Left

MCSC Network W/ Niko House

July 17th 2021

OnlyFans is trying to raise new funding at a valuation above 1 billion dollars. This has prompted the owners of the business to move away from Adult Content to try and reach a mainstream audience. In this segment, we explore the ramifications and what it would look like if OnlyFans was structured as a worker-cooperative. Adam Ruins Everything | How Prostitutes settled the Wild West: Support my homegirl's OnlyFans (Pictured in the Thumbnail): *** Marty & The Bro is hosted by Marcellus Wright and Gary Breaux. MATB Coop produces this content. Please consider joining the coop yourself and grow along with us. Visit our Website - Twitter - Facebook - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe To Niko On Rokfin: Join this channel to get access to perks: Keep up with Niko!

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