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Kim Iversen Live Show 3-30-21 | DeSantis BANS Vaccine Passports, Dems Don't Want Out Of Afghanistan

Kim Iversen

March 31st 2021

Kim's Birthday Destiny Card Reading Video: Watch the Livestream HERE: You must sign up to watch with your email but it is FREE. You DO NOT need to get the membership if you don't want. Please sign up for my email list here: (I will never spam you or sell your info) Please consider supporting the show through PayPal or Patreon. Your support is very appreciated! You can watch the show commercial-free by becoming a member of my Rokfin channel. Once you become a member you also get access to every other creator as well. Follow Kim on Instagram: @KimIversen Find Kim on Facebook: @KimIversenOfficial The audio version of this show is available on: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher: Spotify:

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