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Can a People's Gauntlet Produce Actual Progressive Fighters in Congress?

Status Coup

July 17th 2021

Jordan speaks with CaseStudyQb about the new initiative The People's Gauntlet that will vet progressive candidates. Find out more about The People's Gauntlet: Join this channel to get access to perks: SUPPORT Status Coup as we head out on an evictions/working-class reporting road trip via | | | $StatusCoup on CashApp | – we are small and independent and being SUPPRESSED and CENSORED like never before! We can't do this without you, the viewer. We are small, independent, and answerable only to you, the viewer! SUPPORT Status Coup's in-field and investigative reporting for as low as $5 a month to sustain us and get great perks: SUPPORT our investigative reporting GoFundMe if you can: SIGN UP for our email list for breaking news alerts and alerts when we're LIVE:

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