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Kyle Kulinski On the ‘Diet Coup’

The Katie Halper Show

January 11th 2021

YouTuber and podcast host Kyle Kulinski joins the show to discuss the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, or what he’s taken to calling the “diet coup.” While he thinks the “coup” didn’t have the attributes necessary to actually topple the existing government, Kyle describes what the next steps against Trump should be, as he demonstrably encouraged the actions that led up to the protest at the Capitol and he did nothing to de-escalate the situation — which ipso facto encouraged his followers to continue pushing the envelope until a protest turned into a riot. The area of serious concern which follows is an overcorrection by (or just a flat-out excuse for) the government beefing up its surveillance state in the name of national security — a surveillance state that already exceeds the necessary intelligence-collecting boundaries to prevent things like this from happening. You can find Kyle on his YouTube channel, Secular Talk ( or on his new podcast with Krystal Ball, Krystal Kyle & Friends ( ***Please support The Katie Halper Show*** On Patreon: Follow Katie on Twitter:

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