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Lost History: When Europeans Fled to the Middle East. Plus, Myanmar and China, w/ Michael Vatikiotis

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September 13th 2021

Rania Khalek spoke with writer and conflict mediator Michael Vatikiotis about his latest book exploring the lost history of Europeans fleeing to safety in the Middle East over a century ago. Vatikiotis discusses recent developments in Myanmar, China and Southeast Asia. He is the Asia director at the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, a leading conflict resolution organization. You can listen to every episode of Rania Khalek Dispatches anywhere you get podcasts. Spotify: Apple: TIME CODES: 0:00 Intro THE LEVANTINES 1:34 Who were the Levantine people? 4:27 Irony of Middle East being a safe haven for Europeans 5:59 European immigrants as appendages of imperialism in the Middle East 8:20 Why did this levantine phenomenon come to an end? 10:09 Controversial role of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem 14:27 From tolerance and liberalism to Wahhabism 19:08 When Wahhabis attempted to raid Jordan 21:14 Is southeast Asia a safe haven for diversity and multiculturalism today? MYANMAR 24:06 What’s behind the coup in Myanmar? 27:41 What are the goals of Myanmar’s protest movement 29:47 Is there involvement of outside powers in Myanmar? 33:19 Myanmar and sanctions 35:05 Russia’s relationship with Myanmar after the coup 36:20 Decades of insurgency in Myanmar 40:32 The plight of the Rohingya 44:27 Identity politics as a legacy of British colonialism 44:44 Can the conflict in Myanmar be resolved anytime soon? CHINA 45:54 Is there really a genocide happening in Xinjiang? 51:02 China’s “war on terror” vs America’s 55:10 Feudalism in Tibet and US-backed separatism 57:56 China’s political economy 1:03:17 The handling of COVID-19 in southeast Asia and economic consequences of the pandemic 1:08:27 Impact of climate change in east Asia 1:11:07 Why does it seem like conflict between the US and China is inevitable? 1:11:48 Do the Chinese view the US in the same cartoonish and menacing way that US media and politicians portray the Chinese? 1:15:58 Closer financial, economic, and political cooperation between the Middle East and China

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