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Engineering the World Out of Climate Devastation

Bad Faith

July 9th 2021

Subscribe at Patreon for $5 a month and get an extra episode per week and access to a backlog of premium content including interviews with Killer Mike, Andrew Yang, Ice Cube, Boots Riley, Ralph Nader, Marianne Williamson, Heather McGhee, Eddie Glaude, & more: Has geoengineering gotten a bad rap? More and more people on the left are saying . . . maybe? Historically, carbon capture and solar radiation modification technology have been exploited by the fossil fuel industry as alternatives to cutting carbon emissions. But things have gotten so bad on the climate front that some environmentalists now think geoengineering must be a part of a broader climate management solution. This week Brie speaks to three experts in the field about the ethical, policy, and technological implications of geoengineering: Assistant Professor at University of Buffalo and author of After Geoengineering: Climate Tragedy, Repair, and Restoration Holly Jean Buck, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University and author of the upcoming book Reconsidering Reparations Olúf??mi O. Táíwò, and Alexander C. Kaufman, a senior reporter at HuffPost covering climate change, energy, and environmental policy.

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