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Protesting The Shut Down of Echo Park Lake / #EchoParkRiseUp with Jack Allison

The Katie Halper Show

March 26th 2021

Jack Allison of Jack AM and Struggle Session podcast joined The Katie Halper Show live from Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles as #EchoParkRiseUp protestors organized against the shutdown of Echo Lake Park Homeless Encampments. Jack walks us through the protests showing several hundred people peacefully demonstrating while LAPD in riot gear block access to the park. Just hours after Jack's report, the LAPD declared an unlawful assembly after officers claimed the crowd used high-intensity lights to blind officers. After the clash with protestors, officers then moved on the encampment, forcibly removing the 200 or so unhoused within the park, and close to 200 people were arrested. For more on this story, follow #EchoParkRiseUp on Twitter and Instagram, and to support both direct and indirect action in Echo Lake Park, you can visit Co-hosting this episode with Katie is Jamie Peck, a writer, podcaster, and co-host of the Antifada (@the_antifada) podcast. ***Please support The Katie Halper Show *** On Patreon Follow Katie on Twitter:

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