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Amazon Workers FAINT In Sweltering Hot Warehouse

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July 13th 2021

Support The Show On Patreon!: Subscribe to Krystal Kyle & Friends On Substack!: As Amazon continues fighting attempts in Staten Island, New York to form a union, Status Coup has learned of unbearably hot conditions throughout the warehouse that has resulted in workers fainting and being carted off in stretchers. “From the moment we walk in, we’re literally dripping wet,” Natalie Monarrez, a Staten Island Amazon worker who’s part of the Amazon Labor Union [ALU] group trying to form a union, told Status Coup about the extreme heat she and others are struggling through inside the gigantic warehouse that spans 15 football fields. “It’s disgusting, it’s really really bad,” she continued. Follow Kyle on Twitter: #KyleKulinski #SecularTalk #Amazon

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